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Recall: Cheers and Catcalls for a Schwarzenegger Era

October 09, 2003

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2003: What a great day for democracy. Far from being the laughingstock of the nation, the people of California have shown what true democracy is and affirmed what Thomas Jefferson said two centuries ago. To be successful, a democracy needs a little revolution every now and then. Disgusted with the stranglehold of special interests resulting in ill-conceived and myopic laws, fed up with a gridlocked and unresponsive Legislature and tired of an inept and incompetent governor, the people have taken matters in their own hands and have given Sacramento a "little revolution."

And the icing on the cake: While we voted out the poster boy for bad government, we voted in a legal immigrant. Can it get any better than this? As an American and native Californian, I have never been more proud of this state.

Larry Vigor



I have called California home for 14 years, during a period of catastrophic floods, fires and earthquakes. But nothing Mother Nature has unleashed will compare to the self-inflicted damage on state government wrought by the successful recall of a duly elected governor. In a fit of voter petulance, the electorate has behaved like a mob that riots in its own neighborhood, destroying one of the most important pillars of our social structure. May we come to rue the day.

Kyle J. Kersten

Los Angeles


Wow. What a fun election. I hummed a little ditty on my way to work Wednesday. It went something like this (to the tune of Don McLean's "American Pie"):

Why, why, California, why? / Drove my Hummer, what a bummer / Now the gas pumps are dry / With Arnold and Issa pumping fists to the sky / Singin' "There is nothing that money can't buy" / "There is nothing that money can't buy.... "

Brian Miller

San Luis Obispo


Arnold Schwarzenegger promises to solve the deficit without raising taxes or cutting critical services. He promised he would not take money from special interests. He says he's an outsider and he will clean up Sacramento. And he says he's sorry for humiliating women, although he also says he didn't do it. Other voters dubbed this election "Total Recall." I call it "True Lies."

Marvin P. Polinsky

Huntington Beach


For all of you who got intoxicated with fame and got into bed with Schwarzenegger Tuesday night, pray you don't wake up with a wicked hangover next to Pete Wilson.

Boni Peluso



I wish to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger. He is this state's new hope for a better future. He is a Republican for a new California and a new generation of young Republican voters like me. He's pro-choice, pro-personal rights and shows a fresh new face for the party, helping erase the outdated assumption that all Republicans are crotchety old white men smoking cigars and sipping cognac in a world of privilege. Way to go, Arnold!

Elizabeth Peisner

Woodland Hills


Whether we like Arnold or not, it is clear the voters have sent a message. Mismanage the economy, turn a major surplus into a record deficit, squander our goodwill and you're gone. The chief executive of the world's fifth-largest economy has just been fired. Could the head of the biggest economy be far behind?

Jeremy Grainger


It will be interesting to see if Arnold follows his script and does what he said he was going to do for California. We will be waiting and watching.

Alda Pearson



California Republicans have given a sinister new meaning to the phrase "taking office."

Jack Wright

Marina del Rey


So Gov. Gray Davis, the man who stole the position from Richard Riordan by starting his smear campaign so early he influenced the 2002 Republican primaries, has now had his second term stolen away from him. I guess what goes around comes around. Mr. Davis, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

John Pattison

El Monte


Kudos to the women who had the courage to come forward and reveal Schwarzenegger for what he really is. I hope his more recent victims now have the courage to press charges against him. He does not deserve to be rewarded for 30 years of assaulting and humiliating women. This goes way beyond politics. Shame on those who kept his dirty little secret, and shame on those who voted for him.

Merry Shelburne

La Crescenta


In the early '90s, I worked as a personal assistant to Schwarzenegger for over a year. I was single, in my 20s and found myself alone in the office (or his trailer) with him on more than a few occasions. I can assure you I have never witnessed a single instance of inappropriate behavior on Schwarzenegger's part, toward myself or any other woman. In my experience, he was a consummate gentleman at all times. Arnold is one of the most intelligent, generous and professional men I know. He is extremely loyal to his family and friends. He does possess a great and sometimes playful sense of humor, which I only found refreshing and never inappropriate. As a mother of two young daughters, I'm as sensitive to issues of sexual harassment as anyone. The Arnold The Times presented in its articles is clearly not the man I know.

Karen Weaver

Sherman Oaks

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