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October 09, 2003|Larry Stewart

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Dodger fans and history buffs are going to love this new Web site, which features the words, works and achievements of Walter O'Malley, the late Dodger owner who would have turned 100 today.

The site contains more than 1,000 photographs, about 700 pages of material and about two hours of audio and video clips.

Walter's son, Peter O'Malley, introduced the Web site to the media at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday. It's a project that's been in the works for more than a year, although the original idea was to do a coffee table book.

"There was so much material, we knew a book wouldn't do it," O'Malley said. "It was Brent Shyer [a former Dodger executive who now works for O'Malley] who first said, 'How about a Web site?' "

O'Malley brought in Adam King from Polymer, a graphic design studio in Pasadena, to design the site. He brought in Happy Tsugawa-Banta as the head programmer.

Media members were given a tour of the site by King on Wednesday, then allowed to log on and look around on their own. There is tons of neat stuff. We found a letter to Walter O'Malley written by Al Michaels in 1968, saying broadcasting for the Dodgers would be his dream job.

There is a telegram from Harpo Marx, sent in 1958. Harpo wanted O'Malley to know that "all the Marx Brothers, which includes me," supported his Dodger Stadium project.

The best part is that the Web site is free. "It's a not-for-profit Web site," O'Malley said.

-- Larry Stewart

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