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I want my Wi-Fi

October 12, 2003

I read David Shaw's "The Road to Wi-Fi World Is Bumpy -- Please Hold" (Oct. 5) and felt sympathy. I recently had a cable modem and Wi-Fi set up in my house, but it was a completely different experience.

I am technically competent (I worked for eight years for Compaq and know my way around a PC), but when it comes to networks, I'm out of my league. I also know that tech-support people a) take ages to answer the phone and b) usually can't solve the problem! (I'm very familiar with how PC companies, software companies and third-party hardware companies all point the finger at each other.)

Anyway, I heard of this company called Gizmo that does on-site technical assistance (for homes or small businesses) for a reasonable price. A technical consultant came and got our Wi-Fi network going and fixed a few other things on our PCs.

The advantage is clear -- by being on site, this guy can look at the PC, hardware and software and can decide which things need adjusting/fixing. A telephone support agent will never be able to be as much help, regardless of how good he or she is.

Lisa Clark

Los Angeles


One word to solve Wi-Fi issues: Apple.

Matt Potter

(via wireless PDA)

San Diego

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