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Special Travel Issue | Tongue Twisters

Who in the World Speaks Dzongkha?

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October 12, 2003|Renee Vogel

Americans tend to forget that there are more than 6,000 languages besides English spoken around the world. Can you match the following languages with their regions?

1. Yuchi. This language, which doesn't seem to resemble any other tongue, is spoken by only a handful of people.

2. Galician. A romance language with about 4 million native speakers.

3. Oirat. Spoken by 91% of the people in this predominantly Buddhist republic.

4. Dzongkha. The official language of this kingdom.

5. Motu. One of about 715 languages spoken here.

6. Papiamento. This dialect is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and English.

7. Aymara. This language used a form of picture writing before it began to be written with the Latin alphabet.

8. Magyar. It's related to the Finnish and Estonian languages.

9. Sara. This is known as a trade language, meaning it's a local lingua franca used by speakers of different native tongues in commercial transactions.

10. Romansch. One of this country's four official languages.


a. The Plateaus surrounding Lake Titicaca, bordering Peru and Bolivia

b. Switzerland

c. Hungary

d. Spain and Portugal

e. Bhutan

f. Papua New Guinea

g. Chad

h. Oklahoma

i. Kalmykia

j. Aruba


Answers: 1h, 2d, 3i, 4e, 5f, 6j, 7a, 8c, 9g, 10b

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