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Coverage Is Smelling Up Mission Viejo City Hall

October 12, 2003

Taking time from its frantic campaign to keep Gray Davis in office, the Los Angeles Times found an opportunity to drop three stink bombs on Mission Viejo the past week.

Many, having canceled their subscriptions long since, missed the blast

I don't know why Councilwoman Gail Reavis submitted a luncheon receipt for reimbursement that included her husband's $10 meal.

She should have known that her political enemies in City Hall would use a microscope on her activities.

She has apologized, reimbursed the city and, as one of her accusers said Monday night, it is time to move on.

Henry Kissinger, anticipating Mission Viejo politics by 30 years, said that he was prepared for the position of secretary of State by the dirty politics of the Harvard faculty.

He added that the tactics were so vicious because so little was at stake.

Councilman William S. Craycraft, who denied he was behind "$10-lunchgate" because he was out of the country at the time, was outed by Tuesday's Los Angeles Times piece, which placed the credit/blame squarely where it belongs.

His 10-minute rant Monday night was embarrassing, chiefly to him. Even Lance MacLean looked embarrassed as the city attorney tried to explain the law to Craycraft.

The old high-spending, voter-disregarding cabal at City Hall struck with complete disregard for balance and fairness. When dirt is flying, everyone gets soiled.

Michael T. Kennedy

Mission Viejo

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