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More benefits of a short commute

October 12, 2003

Regarding "The Driving Factor," Oct. 5: There are many reasons for reducing commutes. There is also an environmental advantage. Someone who drives an hour in a two-person carpool uses more fuel and creates more pollution per person than someone who drives alone but only takes 10 minutes to get to work. Further, more people living closer to their work also reduces road congestion.

Perhaps there could be financial incentives provided to those who live close to work, just as there have been for carpooling. They would provide help to people who need financial assistance to find a suitable residence closer to work.

Bob Abrahams

Los Angeles


I'm among those who believe a major decrease in commuter traffic would be achieved if monorail train service were available on superstructures above existing freeways. Nothing would better motivate people to leave their cars at home, if they're crawling along, than seeing trains above traveling at a steady rate. Such a plan is immune from the ridiculous costs of subway or even light rail -- purchasing rights of way, disrupting existing traffic due to construction, etc.

Let's face it: If commuting wasn't so stressful and expensive, wouldn't most people prefer to get a house with an extra bedroom and/or bath in the 'burbs?

Sid Skolnik

West Hollywood

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