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Smog and Pollution: We're All in It Together

October 15, 2003

Re " 'Environmental Terrorism' Is a Matter of Definition," Voices, Oct. 11: Hooray for Phil Zuckerman's bold argument that the real eco-terrorists are those who have turned our air (and water) into poison. It is ironic that all those soccer moms and dads who drive polluting SUVs are poisoning the very children those behemoths are purchased to protect. Yes, we are free to buy whatever vehicles we want and businesses can legally lobby politicians to protect them against what they view as costly pollution controls. But individual freedom and lack of restrictions on major polluters are killing us slowly.

Hank Schlinger

North Hollywood


Zuckerman makes good points, but misses one: We are all smog producers. Each engine started, appliance run or item shipped from factory to store contributes. A punishing tax on gasoline and electricity use might lead to greater thrift. Any takers?

Michael Helperin

Los Angeles

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