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My Favorite Weekend: Jeanie Buss

There's the hoops and the Hump ...

October 16, 2003|Craig Rosen

She's the Los Angeles Laker executive vice president of business operations, Laker owner Jerry Buss' daughter, Laker coach Phil Jackson's girlfriend, and she once appeared au naturel in Playboy. She's also developing a series based on her life for NBC.

Game on

There's the off-season and then there's life during the Laker season. Normally we have a game Friday night. Phil and I always drive together to Staples Center for the games. There's definitely a different vibe to a Friday night.

No game night

We go out to dinner with Phil's family, his kids who live here in L.A. We like to go for Mexican food at Paco's Tacos or Poncho's in Manhattan Beach. If it's a special occasion we like to go to Chinois on Main.

Shopping with Princess Cujo

I always wake up at 6:30 a.m. I have to work out first thing in the morning. I have TiVo and I like to watch "All My Children" while I'm working out on my exercise bike. Erica Kane rocks! Then I usually hit Marina del Rey. They have my favorite beauty supply store, Waterside Beauty. I check out m.fredric next door and Lacy Lady Lingerie.

My dog goes everywhere with me. She's a Maltese. I named her Princess, but Phil calls her Cujo. I have a Pucci bag so I can carry her into the hardware store or wherever. I went into the Home Depot and a guy wanted to borrow her because he had a pit bull that he thought would be a nice match. I thought, "My dog's getting picked up at Home Depot, I can't believe this."

Phil and I will usually meet for lunch. One of our favorite places for is Cafe Marmalade on Montana. And it just so happens to be across from my favorite jewelry store, Claude. I can show Phil all the beautiful things I really like in there.

A movie or sushi

Sometimes we'll go to a movie. I'm an afternoon movie person. My favorite place is the Bridge, because it makes going to a movie an enjoyable experience.

If we don't go to a movie, we'll go to a really nice dinner. We usually have sushi at one point over the weekend. Our favorite place is the Hump in Santa Monica. We like to sit at the sushi bar and let the chef decide what we're going to eat, except no sea urchin for me. Phil likes it, but I don't.

Early easy riders

On Sunday, Phil has a BMW motorcycle and we'll pick a place to go have breakfast. I sit on the back. Sometimes I get a little scared, but we obey all the safety laws.

We go to this little place in Topanga Canyon or we'll drive up to West Hollywood to Clafoutis on Sunset. We leave the house a little after 7 a.m.

It's so quiet and peaceful. It's a beautiful time.

Usually on Sunday we go to Del Rey Lagoon Park. I bring stuff to read and I put out a blanket.

Princess likes to see the other dogs. It's a really nice park.

-- Craig Rosen

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