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Bruin, Trojan Fans Missing Something

October 18, 2003

Being a die-hard UCLA fan exiled to Tucson, I was looking forward to watching my Bruins take on the lowly Wildcats last Saturday. While keeping one eye on the field, I kept the other keenly focused on Karl Dorrell.

I have never seen a coach -- let alone a head coach -- be so disengaged during a game. All he does is pace the sideline with his arms crossed. He does not join in huddles, does not even talk to players. I understand delegation, and the need to give assistant coaches some autonomy, but this is ridiculous. The head coach has to set the tone for the team, be the head cheerleader, the motivator, the carrier of the torch to fire up his players.

I just wish someone would light Dorrell's flame before all hope of a return to prominence for Bruin football is extinguished.

John C. Germaine



As a loyal Trojan alum, I am extremely distressed and disappointed with Pete Carroll and Norm Chow and their decisions on Matt Cassel and quarterbacks. What has happened to loyalty and paying your dues?

Cassel has done well the few times he was given an opportunity, and to be shunted aside for someone who should still be in high school is, in my opinion, tacky. Booty may be hot stuff, but I am not convinced he is the second coming. And the message Cassel's treatment sends to future recruits is mixed at best. I'm sick and tired of the coddling of the phenoms.

Trudy Sibley


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