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Drop the Puck and Try to Score

October 18, 2003

It's three games into the new season and I'm already tired of reading about the Ducks' lack of offense! Any knowledgeable hockey fan will be able to tell you that the Ducks are a "B" team that had a hot goalie during the playoffs last year.

I sure hope Sergei Fedorov enjoys the $40 million, the nice weather, and the good-looking California women, because he's not going to get much more out of Anaheim than a free pass to Disneyland.

Scott Heaslip

Temple City


Now that the NHL regular season has started, here's a helpful hint for local fans to find The Times' hockey coverage quickly. Read the sports section backward. On most days, the editors are nice enough to bury the small articles deep within the section, which means locating the information is a snap once you flip the paper over. Happy hunting!

Isabella MacKinney


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