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TELEVISION | When they're not making TV, here's what
they watch

What they're watching

October 19, 2003|Carolyn Patricia Scott

Bertram van Munster

Creator/executive producer of CBS' Emmy-winning reality series "The Amazing Race"

"There are so many, many shows that I have enjoyed over the years, but my very favorite was 'Homicide: Life on the Street.' It was a perfect marriage between reality and drama.

"I'm a news junkie who watches CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all the time. When I want to kick back, I like watching Fox's 'Mad TV' while enjoying a Bacardi and Coke. Of course, 'CSI' stands high above all other shows on TV right now. "[Fox's] 'Skin' has the potential to be a very good show ... it is timely, cinematic and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman. It has got to be a winner."

Lil' Romeo

13-year-old rapper and star of new Nickelodeon sitcom "Romeo!"

"I like comedies mostly ... my favorite is Bill Cosby, because of all of those funny faces he makes. I like 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.' Will [Smith] had a lot of humor -- he's a funny actor and he can rap too. I also like 'Lizzie McGuire' on Disney, 'Hey Arnold!,' 'The Flintstones' and 'Dragonball Z.' "

David James Elliot

Star of CBS' "JAG"

" 'The 'Dick Van Dyke Show' is my all-time favorite. It was brilliant, Dick Van Dyke is such a great comedian. Now, sitcoms are my favorite type of shows, but I really like 'The Sopranos.' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' is funny too. I like actors like Dick Van Dyke and Jerry Seinfeld too.

Callum Blue

Mason on Showtime's "Dead Like Me"

"For starters, 'The Benny Hill Show' is my all-time favorite TV show. I'm deeply affected by sad clowns.

"Next to our show, I really love 'Six Feet Under' on HBO. It is a beautiful and complex story, and it is written brilliantly. I think the mother on that show [Frances Conroy] is superb.

" 'Wonderfalls,' starring Caroline Dhavernas, on Fox is the show I'm looking forward to. I cannot wait until it debuts!"

-- Carolyn Patricia Scott

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