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A little leeway for hotel location

October 19, 2003

Your story on hotels that (maybe) cheat with their locations ("What's in a Name? Plenty, if You're in the Hotel Industry," Oct. 5) was interesting. However, I think Le Meridien and the Four Seasons Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or whatever have a point.

Certainly for visitors like me, from Adelaide, Australia (OK, actually North Adelaide), it is helpful to have the hotel's geographic placement in the great L.A. sprawl identified through such well-known areas as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica etc. So what if it is just outside the actual boundary?

I'm much more concerned about the ones that imply (by name) that they are right on a beach and you find you have to negotiate a freeway from an inland position to reach the beach.

David Williams

North Adelaide, Australia


A few miles up U.S. 101 from the Bacara is the Santa Barbara Marriott, located in Buellton. It's the best hostelry in a town of gas stations, motels, pea soup and highway services. And, sure enough, it is in Santa Barbara County, midway between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. We are glad to claim it.

Kathy Mullins


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