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Daum Real Estate Becomes GVA Affiliate

October 20, 2003|Roger Vincent

Los Angeles real estate brokerage Daum Commercial Real Estate Services has agreed to become an affiliate of Chicago real estate services provider GVA and has changed its name to GVA Daum.

Regional firms such as Daum commonly affiliate with international networks such as GVA to provide global contacts for their real estate clients.

Daum was formerly linked to Texas-based TCN Worldwide Real Estate.

GVA is "a better opportunity in today's business climate," said Mike Nubel, president of Daum. "Our clients more and more are looking for multi-market capabilities."

Daum, which was founded in 1904, has 90 brokers in 10 offices. GVA has offices in 20 countries. Among its largest affiliates are GVA Williams in New York and GVA Grimley in London.

Other GVA affiliates in the West include Kidder Mathews in Seattle, GVA Whitney Cressman in San Francisco and GVA IPC in San Diego.


-- Roger Vincent

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