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Clark Makes a Web Pitch to Yankee and Marlin Fans

October 20, 2003|From Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Democratic candidate Wesley K. Clark is making a new pitch for donations, inviting Internet donors to his presidential campaign to predict the World Series champion with their money pledge.

It's another novel way candidates are using the Web to attract dollars and draw attention.

The "Clark 04 Baseball Challenge" appeals to fans to make a contribution to the retired general's campaign on behalf of their favorite team, the New York Yankees or the Florida Marlins.

As for those who might not favor either team in the series, such as mourning fans of the Boston Red Sox or the Chicago Cubs, Clark spokeswoman Kym Spell said they could vote against New York or Florida.

Larry Noble, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, called the challenge "a clever fund-raising gimmick."

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean has used Internet fund-raising to surge ahead of all other candidates in the crowded Democratic field.

Clark's online baseball battle began Saturday.

The campaign was posting results of the daily contributions, indicating which team was ahead, on its Web site.

The first day's take, before the Marlins' 3-2 opening-night victory Saturday, was $1,500 for the Marlins and $1,000 for the Yankees.

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