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Voting Absentee Had Unexpected Advantage

October 20, 2003

Re "Electing to Change How We Vote," Commentary, Oct. 16: By casting an absentee ballot early, there was no way one could possibly be swayed by The Times' last-minute, in-depth investigative reporting (smear campaign) against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For those of us who work in the military, or are on call 24 hours a day, or are on the road, absentee balloting is the only way for us to ensure our voices are heard on election day. To lobby against it in the name of "community" is disingenuous.

Philip D. Poulsen Jr.



As a third-generation Democrat and lifelong California resident, I was extremely disappointed with the results of the recent recall election. However, as the days have passed, I've begun to realize that I must agree with many of my conservative Republican neighbors. Schwarzenegger is really a Democrat in Republican clothing.

Not only did he seek and receive advice from America's most prominent Democratic family, the Kennedys, he confirmed he was pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-environment and pro-gun control. These positions put him to the left of many of my moderate Democratic friends. Thank you, GOP. In your desperation to win back the governor's office, you have given us a Democrat we can be proud of!

Craig Bradley

Palm Springs

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