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Giambi Has to Testify

October 21, 2003|Bill Shaikin

MIAMI — Yankee slugger Jason Giambi confirmed Monday that he has been ordered to testify before a San Francisco grand jury investigating a laboratory that provides nutritional supplements to athletes.

"I'm not worried about it," Giambi said. "I didn't do anything wrong."

Giambi is one of several high-profile athletes receiving subpoenas in the probe of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative and its operator, Victor Conte.

Several federal agencies jointly raided the BALCO offices last month. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that authorities seized containers with labels that indicated the contents included illegal anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. The focus of the grand jury probe is unclear.

Conte has denied reports that he is the source of what the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said are designer steroids for which several American track-and-field athletes have tested positive.

Giambi said he never has met Conte. He did visit BALCO to inquire about nutritional supplements, he said, and he has met Greg Anderson, the personal trainer for San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds. Anderson's home was raided by federal agencies two days after the BALCO raid.

"It's no secret Barry and Jason are good friends," said Bob Alejo, Giambi's personal trainer. "I'm interested, and Jason is, in what the top players in the game do to keep their game where it's at. He's very inspired and motivated by what Barry has done. I'm not worried about anything."

Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman said he did not believe Giambi's performance in the World Series would be hindered by the subpoena and probe. Giambi has been aware of the subpoena for "a week or 10 days," Cashman said.

-- Bill Shaikin

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