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Stray Bullet Hits Window of School Board Member

October 24, 2003|Cara Mia DiMassa | Times Staff Writer

A stray bullet broke the 24th-floor window of Los Angeles school board member David Tokofsky's office at the school district headquarters Wednesday afternoon. No one was injured.

Los Angeles Unified School District Police Deputy Chief Steve La Roche said that it did not appear that Tokofsky or his staff was targeted. "This appears to be a random bullet from an unrelated shooting," he said.

La Roche said that school police believed that the bullet -- and one other, which hit the side of the building several floors down -- came from a possible gang-related shooting on 3rd Street near the school headquarters on Beaudry Avenue in downtown. The Los Angeles Police Department said it was investigating the episode as well, but had no witnesses.

La Roche said that in order to "err on the side of caution," school police were examining any possible security issues involving the board member. "We don't think there are any," he added.

Tokofsky was in an inner office, away from that window, in his suite at the time when "I heard the pop, crinkle, crinkle, and Sarah [a staff member] yelled three times, told us to get down," Tokofsky said.

He said he felt confident that he was not being targeted.

The offices of all seven board members were evacuated for a brief period after the 4:10 p.m. shooting to another part of the school district building.

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