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Series Games Should All Be Above Bored

October 25, 2003

It seems Bill Plaschke is bored to tears because the two best teams in baseball made it to the World Series, while the perennial losers from Boston and Chicago fell by the wayside. Poor baby. One has to suspect that if, by some miracle, the Red Sox and Cubs had managed to get past the Yankees and the Marlins, Plaschke would have whined that guys like Ted Williams and Ernie Banks were nowhere in sight.

Burt Prelutsky

North Hills


Mike Penner and Ross Newhan work at the same newspaper but, obviously, don't compare notes. While Ross wrote a touching story [Oct. 18] about the Boone brothers and how Bret was overwhelmed in the moment of his brother's achievement of winning the game, the poignancy being captured so eloquently by the television cameras, Mike had nothing but bad things to say about all of that. The only reason for this that I can conjure is that Penner wasn't really watching the game, rather he was just listening to it. Maybe you should change the name of his column to simply "Sound" and have him critique radio.

Also, we had two "fans" who can't stand to see the Yankees in the World Series. The gentleman in Chino, wishing the end of the world on everyone because of it, has no more class than the Bleacher Creatures, and the sore-loser Cub fan in Newhall (hey, bud, I was rooting for the Cubs too!) should get on his motorcycle and take a really long ride.

He can take Bill Plaschke with him, while he is at it. Plaschke can't say enough bad things about the Dodgers all season long, now he has to bring his wet blanket to the World Series and complain about New York also. I guess these three just go to prove that some people are just too envious to be true sportsmen and lovers of the game.

Lawrence Schaumburg-


Long Beach


Since my childhood in the Bronx (when the Giants and Dodgers were still in New York), as a Yankee fan I have become used to reading articles from sportswriters who seem to have nothing better to do than complain about the Yankees. I am sorry that Bill Plaschke is bored by the World Series -- the Cubs and Red Sox actually had to win to have gotten there; the teams aren't picked by a vote of the press.

Last year I had to put up with Plaschke's gloating about the Angels, but this year, after each loss, I hear the same tired, unoriginal comments about the old pitchers and the overrated team. What would hacks like Plaschke write about without the Yankees or some other dynasty? (Is he bored by the Lakers?) New York will win the World Series this year because they have the best team in baseball. I don't really care if Plaschke is bored. Maybe he should get a life.

Allen Plotkin



Is there anything in sports less surprising than the Yankees in the postseason? Until there is a salary cap in baseball, the Yankees will make it to the World Series almost every year. They are more of a bank than a dynasty. With a majority of the other teams operating at losses and not having any chance of making it to the playoffs, it's a wonder those teams play the season at all.

Dan Vandermeulen

Redondo Beach


This year, perhaps more than any other, I am rooting for the Yankees. Not for a close series, not for a close-fought classic, but for them to blast through the Marlins. Blowouts. Mind-numbingly boring, one-sided sleepwalks. Why? Because I hate the Marlins? Good grief, no. One has to recognize that there actually is a team called the Marlins to hate them.

I want the Yankees to win the most boring World Series of all time in a walk to spare us any false excitement over late-inning heroics, spunky underdog rallies or dramatic foregone conclusions dressing up this pig to pretend that it's something that it's not.

Give 'em their trophy and let's get on with football.

Gary Durrett



Thank you for the full recounting of the wonderful follow-up to Roger Clemens' historic (perhaps) final performance. You turned the spotlight on his gracious acceptance of the Florida Marlins' acknowledgment of his feat -- both Marlins' fans and team members. I had watched frustratingly as Fox broke for a commercial just when Clemens was ready to come out of the dugout -- a moment in history that Fox should have captured ... live. Thank you to The Times; shame on Fox.

Philip Hofer

La Verne


Watching this year's World Series on TV, I don't know what I hate most: hearing the voice of Tim McCarver, seeing the face of Don Zimmer or hearing the voice and seeing the face of Ronan Tynan, the Irish tenor who sings "God Bless America" in the seventh inning at Yankee Stadium.

Richard Stehr

Los Angeles

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