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What happened on October 26, 2003











  • Bestsellers

  • Poets' Corner Carol Muske-Dukes

  • Polymath's progress Henry Petroski, Henry Petroski, the A.S. Vesic professor of civil engineering and a professor of history at Duke University, is the author of "Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design."

  • A satirist's so-called play Justin Kaplan, Justin Kaplan is the author of "Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain" and "Back Then: Two Literary Lives in 1950s New York," written in collaboration with his wife, the novelist Anne Bernays.

  • Nothing to do with romance James Marcus, James Marcus is a critic, journalist and translator, and the author of the forthcoming "Amazonia: A Memoir of the Internet Boom and Bust."

  • Bestsellers

  • From 'After Nature' W.G. Sebald

  • A witness to journalistic history David Shaw, David Shaw, a Los Angeles Times columnist, has written about the media for The Times for 29 years and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for criticism in 1991.

  • The measure of a man Joanna Bourke, Joanna Bourke, professor of history at the University of London's Birkbeck College, is the author of "An Intimate History of Killing: Face to Face Killing in 20th Century Warfare."

  • Discoveries Susan Salter Reynolds

  • A nebbish in search of true love Michael Harris, Michael Harris is a regular contributor to Book Review.

  • The connection of art and heart Frederic Raphael, Frederic Raphael is the author of many novels and screenplays, co-editor of "The Great Philosophers From Socrates to Turing" and translator of a forthcoming edition of "Satyrica" by Petronius.

  • A daily dose of brilliance Glen David Gold, Glen David Gold is the author of the novel "Carter Beats the Devil."

  • A sparkling portrait, but the sitter's still sketchy Monika Greenleaf, Monika Greenleaf teaches Slavic and comparative literature at Stanford University and is the author of "Pushkin and Romantic Fashion" and of a forthcoming book about Catherine the Great.

  • The march of Humanism Guy Davenport, Guy Davenport, distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Kentucky, is the author, most recently, of "The Death of Picasso."



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