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From Reel Life to Real Life for the Governor-Elect

October 27, 2003

Re "State Budget Briefing Is Grim," Oct. 24: The Terminator bounded and leaped through the recall election but now has found our common enemy, the state budget. The new taxes he said he wouldn't impose can be attributed to antagonist Gov. Gray Davis.

"The problem was created over the last five years," Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "and so you can't expect that -- even though I've played very, very heroic characters in the movies, but you can't expect me to walk into his office and all of a sudden come out with the answers." The Terminator didn't say that during the election, and the moviegoers (voters) bought it.

Jim Hoover

Huntington Beach


First Florida, now California. Republicans grab power by any means necessary and promise a centrist, compassionate conservative agenda. They fake center before the election, then go as far right as their neoconservative advisors can get away with after the election. "Compassion" and "centrist" are not words that come to mind in relation to Schwarzenegger's biggest influence and the man behind the sham, former Gov. Pete Wilson.

It is no surprise that an ex-Wilson aide has been appointed to the important position of Schwarzenegger's chief of staff. Just like before the (s)election, Wilson and his political agenda will serve as the real muscle behind Schwarzenegger's action-hero antics.

Barbara Gartner

San Diego


Re "Lockyer Broke Ranks, Voted GOP," Oct. 19: State Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer seems to think the statements alleging sexual misconduct by Schwarzenegger were true but relegates them to mere "frat boy" behavior. Is this conduct acceptable to the attorney general if it happens at fraternity houses? Is it acceptable on movie sets? In elevators and restaurants?

Green Party candidate Peter Camejo said it right in one debate when he stated that, if the perpetrator of these unwanted sexual advances were black or brown or poor white, he would have been in jail. Let me add that if the person had been black or brown or poor white and was moving to Sacramento, the attorney general would have been warning the neighbors that a sexual predator was moving in.

Leiv Blad Sr.

Van Nuys


During the recent recall campaign, Schwarzenegger promised to answer all questions about his alleged sexual molestations as soon as the campaign was over. The governor-elect has not begun to answer these questions. What is he waiting for?

Robert Lentz



Re "No-Frills Transfer of Power Is Planned," Oct. 16: It's about time we the people see government cut back on unnecessary frills, like inaugural balls and lavish parties. May this new trend begin in California and spread across this great country so we can get our state and national financial houses in order. A great beginning!

Marilyn Hemingway

Dana Point

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