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Longboarders catch airwaves

Long Board TV Fuel TV, 6:13 p.m. and 9:13 p.m. weekdays

October 28, 2003|Emmett Berg

The golden age for longboarding ended decades ago, but a broadcast version now on Fox's Fuel TV channel re-stokes the tradition, carving a line between inspiring footage and outright homage.

"Long Board TV" keeps the focus on the sport by mixing contemporary profiles, reviews of Southern California surf spots, segments on board shaping and "legends" installments.

The show is more Duke Kahanamoku than dudes going loco, although sometimes it hangs too loose. "There we were, blastin' up to Rincon," says a surfer leaning on a classic car. Another segment on pro baseball players who are longboard enthusiasts somehow devolves to nude drunken male wrestling in Baja.

We learn, however, that surfers come in all types but can be tied together through the serenity of a long noseride.

There's no chucklehead host or beaming hostess taking up camera time. And the music grooves more than rocks, in all making the show just about right.

-- Emmett Berg

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