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A Gifted Child Becomes Immigration Casualty

October 29, 2003

Re "Federal Policy Becomes Family Matter," Oct. 27: Thank you for the moving story of the gifted Diana Cabrera, whose parents are facing the threat of being deported. It will be a travesty of justice if this brilliant girl is robbed of opportunities to get a good education. The light of publicity needs to be directed to the dark places of immigration policy, especially when we know that employers hire undocumented workers and that there are segments of the state economy that run on access to such vulnerable workers.

Glenna Matthews

Los Angeles


It is really a shame that a wonderful child is going to be deprived of obtaining an education here in the U.S. But to blame the immigration people and the harsh laws is a bummer. I would like to see the blame placed where it belongs -- on the parents of this 11-year-old child. When they took that first step across the border into the U.S. they broke the law. This law must be enforced or it will lead to anarchy. Public education was designed for our citizens to benefit our society. The waves of undocumented (illegal) people entering our country and expecting all the rights and privileges are continuing to swell our ranks. We cannot blame the children, but we must stop and draw a line.

Ira Kaplan

Woodland Hills

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