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Gov. Davis Takes Action to Aid the Fire Victims

October 31, 2003

In his waning minutes as governor, Gray Davis is showing himself to be a real hero, a champion for the people of California. The governor has moved among the many fire sites that dot Southern California, reassuring the thousands of displaced citizens who have lost their homes that help is on the way. He has mobilized firefighters from neighboring states and he has petitioned for aid from the White House.

Bravo, Gov. Davis, for a job well done.

Phil Wilt

Van Nuys


Re "Now That It's Finally Over, Let's Revamp the Recall," Commentary, Oct. 29: Let's not. Every suggestion made by Mark Ridley-Thomas and Erwin Chemerinsky, opponents of recalling their Democrat governor, was partisan and favored the incompetent incumbent. Just the fact that the recall process has been used only once in 90 years should indicate it is not an easy or frivolous process.

Constitutional issues were debated, litigated and resolved in a timely manner, allowing the recall to go to an expeditious vote of the public -- which spoke loudly and clearly.

The recall process is not broken; it does not need to be fixed. It especially does not need to be fixed by Democrat partisans to favor their candidates.

Sandy Whaling

Springville, Calif.


If Ridley-Thomas and Chemerinsky's proposed recall law had been in effect this year we would have had two recalls: Davis' and Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante's.

Jerry Basura



During this horrific fire season, I find it sadly ironic that I derive a genuine level of comfort from the fact that Davis is still governor and therefore the man in charge of dealing with these disasters. Call me naive, but I'm glad that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't in this position. Yet.

Steve Smith


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