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It's 'Commissar Cruz' vs. the 'Indeterminater'

September 02, 2003

So Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante wants to regulate the oil companies (Aug. 29). What would be next on Gov. Bustamante's agenda for the People's Republic of California? Regulating the pharmaceutical industry? Supermarkets and department stores? Setting up a Central Economic Planning Committee?

Where did Bustamante receive his economics education, Leningrad or Beijing?

Glen Duncan

Hidden Hills


I find it amusing that the California Labor Federation has come out in favor of the "no on recall/yes on Bustamante" position for the Oct. 7 recall election (Aug. 27). With more and more organized labor in his hip pocket, just how far will Bustamante go in campaigning for this goofy mixed message?

Democrats are in a mind-numbing quandary: Do they take the high road and vote against the recall? Or, do they land in the waffle house and just say 'no' and stay home? As a registered independent and 40-year resident of this great state, I think the smart money has the recall passing by a substantial margin, with an equally solid choice in Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new governor.

Joe Tormay



Re "Schwarzenegger Uses Talk Radio to Start Spelling Out His Views," Aug. 28: As I read the statements by Arnold regarding his "positions" on the issues, it sounds like he is pro-choice but against abortions, for the 2nd Amendment but against guns and for gay partnerships but against gay marriages. It seems to me that his real nickname should be the "Indeterminater."

William O. Gaynor

Newbury Park


Schwarzenegger believes that politicians who take contributions from labor unions that represent thousands of working people are corrupt but taking contributions from organizations that represent the rich and corporations is acceptable. Like President Bush, he leaves one wondering whether he is actually that stupid, or does he think we are that stupid?

John Boydstun

Woodland Hills


Re "Outsider's Quick Turn as Politician," Aug. 27: Schwarzenegger's handlers dismissively refer to Bustamante as "Gray Davis with a receding hairline and a mustache." But now that Schwarzenegger is pigging out at the political money trough, just as Davis always did, it is fair to say that Schwarzenegger is nothing more than "Gray Davis with muscles and a German accent." The Bustamante hairline may be receding, and Davis may have a head of gray, but at least they don't have Arnold's bad-dyed hair job. Says something about honesty.

Gene Burkard

San Diego

Arnold, 'tis better to lose as a conservative than to lose as a moderate.

Clarence Brown

Los Angeles


I like Davis. He is a highly qualified, hard-working, duly elected public official who has been dealt a bad hand by forces beyond his control. The media vultures have had their fling. It is now time to stop behaving like a pack of schoolyard bullies. They should either grow up or shut up.

Margie M. Nicholson

San Marino


Re "Crowded Ballot May Lead to Delays, Disarray, Experts Say," Aug. 28: Yes, it's true that the ballot will be crowded. I suggest that those who are intimidated by such a ballot use their option of voting absentee. I have used this option in the past and find it very convenient.

Irmgard Lake



If Davis is recalled, the choices are BUMS:





Arthur H. Levin


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