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Here and Now

L.A. breakfast place haiku

September 04, 2003|Paul Brownfield | Times Staff Writer

Hold a Sunday Times

L.A., New York, whatever

Chicks dig informed guys

Lulu's Cafe, 7149 Beverly Blvd.,

Los Angeles. (323) 938-6095


The food is quite good

Plus once I saw that actress

You know who I mean

Ammo, 1155 N. Highland, Hollywood. (323) 871-2666


The tables are small,

As small as a Brentwood mom

Coming from yoga.

Blue Plate, 1415 Montana Ave.,

Santa Monica. (310) 260-8877


The valet hops to

When the Lexus disgorges

The fired exec

Urth Caffe, 8565 Melrose Ave.,

West Hollywood. (310) 659-0628


That dude with the dog

Wearing the red trucker cap

He makes me feel fat

Toast Bakery Cafe, 8221 W. 3rd St.,

Los Angeles. (323) 655-5018


I want the French toast

But will get the granola

Unless we split it?

Doughboys, 8136 W. 3rd St.,

Los Angeles. (323) 651-4202


I want the French toast

But will get the granola

Unless we split it?

Doughboys, 8136 W. 3rd St.,

Los Angeles (different week)

(323) 651-4202


My friend Dave and I

Ask the big questions, to wit:

What would Jesus view?

Jinky's Cafe, 14120 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks. (818) 981-2250


Sink into a booth

Food, like a good therapist

Hears without comment

Snug Harbor, 2323 Wilshire Blvd., West Los Angeles. (310) 828-2991


Well, chop my liver

But isn't that Winona?

Was this where she stole?

Barney Greengrass at Barney's,

9570 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills

(310) 777-5877


The online daters

Sip at their no-foam lattes, oh yeah

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Anywhere


The biscuits are fresh

And my temple is close by

So I feel guilty

John O'Groats, 10516 Pico Blvd.,

West Los Angeles. (310) 204-0692


The muffins are free

And my temple is not near

I can eat in peace

Caffe Latte, 6254 Wilshire Blvd.,

Los Angeles. (323) 936-5213

That dude over there

Wearing the red trucker hat

Wasn't he at Toast?

Fred 62, 1850 N. Vermont Ave.,

Los Angeles. (323) 667-0062


My ex, how lovely

With a Jake Gyllenhaal type

I'll have shame and eggs

Fred 62, 1850 N. Vermont Ave.,

Los Angeles (same morning)

(323) 667-0062


Here, elderly eat

And I get the flannel cakes

Et tu, Gyllenhaal?

Nibblers, 8383 Wilshire Blvd.,

Beverly Hills (same morning)

(323) 658-6080

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