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Who Is Behind Prop. 54 Goal to End Databases?

September 07, 2003

Re "State Sues Backers of Prop. 54," Sept. 4: Ward Connerly's Proposition 54 is a right-wing Republican assault on public databases that can and have been used to focus voter outreach programs toward minority groups.

The Republicans have had little success in California in generating support among such groups, whose size and potential political influence are increasing every day. It looks like the conservative Republicans have decided that if they can't galvanize the minority vote, then they intend to deny Democrats and other progressives the statistical databases and other ethnic information that has allowed them to focus on minorities.

It's not about creating a "colorblind" society. It's just a baldfaced political ploy. Hopefully, the state Fair Political Practices Commission will succeed (in its lawsuit against Connerly) in revealing who is the major funder of the initiative so the people can see whose interest it is really intended to serve.

Dale Jennings

Boulevard, Calif.


Proposition 54 does a good job of exposing the fact that liberals want a colorblind society if it helps liberal interests. A colorblind society is great so long as it doesn't detract from their strategy of making a victim of almost every color in the crayon box. Of course, most crayons rely on the services of Democrats to redistribute resources from colors they don't like to the colors that depend on and vote for them.

Larry Regier


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