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Citing 'Right' to Drive, Davis Risks Security

September 09, 2003

Re "Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Get Driver's Licenses Is Signed," Sept. 6: I listened to Gov. Gray Davis' speech and was blown away with the political rhetoric. "They deserve the right to drive to work." They and their employers are committing a crime, and the notion that they pay taxes is naive.

"They deserve the right to drive their kids to school." Note: Crystal-clear example of the burden on our public school system by kids whose parents are committing a crime. Hey, Gray, don't you think this just might contribute to classroom overcrowding, lack of facilities and reduced resources?

"They deserve the right to drive their parents to the hospital." Great, more people without insurance to drain resources from the county hospital emergency services already fighting budget constraints.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see this for what it is. This action by our governor to pander for the Latino vote with this ridiculous legislation is a clear sign of a desperate man who will sacrifice America's security and California's long-term well-being to save his pathetic political career.

Bruce F. Reichenfeld



Davis needs to be tried for treason for jeopardizing the safety and lives of Americans of all nationalities. A year ago he didn't sign the driver's license bill, citing security concerns; now his only concern is his job. During his speech he continually stated that illegal immigrants have a right to drive. No -- driving is a privilege.

Alfonso Mendoza



Michael Ramirez's political cartoon of Sept. 6 equates the attacks on the World Trade Center with noncitizens getting driver's licenses here in California. We in the Golden State need a labor force to work at our lowest-paying jobs, but should those workers be illegal residents and require the actual use of basic features of our democracy, he is saying that we should view them as terrorists. "Thank you for picking the lettuce, and by the way, we hate and fear you." The Times should put warning labels on its newspapers when the contents are so blatantly toxic.

Frank Armstrong

Los Angeles


Where is the Department of Homeland Security on the driver's license for illegal aliens bill? Can't the federal government stop this insanity?

Chris Bailey


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