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Sept. 11 Was the Reason Bush Led Us Into Iraq

September 11, 2003

Robert Scheer (Commentary, Sept. 9) once again repeats the fact that 15 out of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, as if this unexamined mantra were proof that Saudi Arabia is the source of international terrorism. Of all the evil but brilliant tactics employed by Al Qaeda, its deliberate composition of the strike team has been its most successful ploy.

Allegedly, Al Qaeda has thousands of fanatical adherents from Algeria to the Philippines, yet why did it choose to pack the planes with Saudis? The answer is obvious. The tactical goal was to wreak havoc on the symbols of American power but the strategic objective was to provoke American rage against Muslim countries, to radicalize the Arab street and above all to poison the U.S.-Saudi relationship beyond repair.

So far, the Bush administration and much of the American media have worked overtime to fulfill Al Qaeda's objective.

Until we realize that the 9/11 terrorists were the worst enemies of the Saudi people and its government, we will continue to abet their sick ambitions by doing exactly what Osama bin Laden wanted us to do.

Timothy J. Barger



Re Scheer's column: The Bushies are so clever. They have actually created a positive picture in Iraq to convince Americans that they are containing terrorism by maintaining the enemy within that pathetic country. It is a brilliant "flypaper" strategy. What baffles me is that most Americans are buying it.

President Bush leaves no doubt in my mind that he is a master of lies and deceit. Who knows what major calamities will confront our country just before next year's presidential election to ensure this man's return to the White House? I shudder at the thought.

Edna M. Tobias

Hermosa Beach


Bush says "Iraq is now the central front" in the fight against terrorism. But how did this happen? Certainly, Iraq was not the "central front" before the U.S. invasion. It was only when we overthrew Saddam Hussein and placed our troops in harm's way that the armed resistance began. Can it be that American soldiers are being used as live bait to lure so-called terrorists into Iraq to fight? Is that what "Bring 'em on" meant? If so, this is a criminal policy and Bush should be impeached.

Jim Calio

Marina del Rey


All this carping from the Democrats about the $87 billion Bush is requesting to prosecute this war in Iraq is just so much politics as usual, the hounds at this administration's heels. When Congress was talking about the prescription drug bill for seniors, 75% of whom do not need or want the plan, the estimated tab was $400 billion over 10 years. The Democratic response to this astronomical price tag and burden on upcoming generations was that this was not enough, but it was a start and they could come back for more later.

So, for the Democrats, it's as little as possible for our national security, but no amount is enough to squander for entitlements that buy them votes by making citizens more dependent on government.

This, along with the spectacle of Gov. Gray Davis signing a bill to give illegal immigrants unfettered access to California driver's licenses, makes it evident that the Democratic Party cannot be trusted with our national security at this time of war.

Laurella A. Cross


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