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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Driver's License Bill

September 11, 2003

Re "Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Get Driver's Licenses Is Signed," Sept. 6:

Though I agree with the basic aims of issuing driver's licenses to illegals, I am likewise wary of the pitfalls: specifically, abetting illegal voting or the purchase of firearms. However, it seems this could be easily remedied by having the equivalent of an "asterisk" on the license. Or if this is considered demeaning, the state could set aside a range of driver's license numbers to differentiate illegals. Thus it would be extremely simple to check an applicant's eligibility to vote or purchase a firearm.

John Lane



My take on SB 60 is this: If I were an "illegal" immigrant, I surely wouldn't rush to get my driver's license. Any time the immigration authorities wanted to pick me up for being illegal, I'd be making it easy for them. Any person with a green card can get a license without problems. Apply for the card and be relieved of the stigma of being called "illegal." Gov. Gray Davis has decided to sign the bill to save his own hide, not yours.

Wayne McAdams


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