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September 12, 2003|THE KIDS' READING ROOM

September 11

By Adam, 11

Colina Middle School

Thousand Oaks

On Sept. 11, 2001,

We lost two towers

But united as one.

The sky filled with black

When the towers fell down,

The air filled with sadness

In every city and town.

This cowardly act

By treacherous fools

Affected the nation

And even the schools.


Waiting for Harry

By Noah, 11

Franklin Avenue Elementary

Los Angeles

I was on pins and needles waiting, waiting, waiting. It was the weekend of June 20 and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" was to be in bookstores.

On Sunday morning my favorite neighbor slipped into my bedroom and laid it on my pillow. It was mine! All 38 chapters! All 870 pages! I tore into the book.

I was Harry Potter stuck with the disgusting Dursleys and wanting to see my friends, Ron and Hermione. Torturous horrors began, but there was also excitement and some fun. Before I knew it, I was on Chapter 37 and the mystery of my life, the prophecy, was before me. There was still Chapter 38, and there I learned that the mystery was far from solved.

So here I go again on pins and needles, waiting, waiting, waiting.



By Nikki, third grade

St. Joachim Elementary

Costa Mesa

Cute, smart

Playful, running, hungry.

Good, kind, loving.

I love them.


Kids, send us your original poems, prose and pictures, and we will publish some of them on Fridays.

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