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Rumsfeld Attacks Critics; Bush Seeks Funds

September 12, 2003

So, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says that anyone who criticizes Bush administration policies on Iraq is aiding and abetting Al Qaeda (Sept. 9). This is mendacity taken to the level of an art form. The truth is becoming more obvious every day: The administration's reckless pursuit of preemptive war has increased the number of anti-U.S. terrorists and is ratcheting up the danger level for Americans at home and abroad. Also, Rumsfeld's stubborn insistence that we already have enough troops in Iraq means that the daily killing and maiming of American soldiers will likely continue into the foreseeable future. Thank God we still have (at least for the moment) a free press to question the arrogant policies of the warmongers and profiteers now in power in this country.

Daniel Burnham

Bishop, Calif.


With his disingenuous frothing at the mouth, Rumsfeld again goes abroad speaking, in great Nixonese, about opponents (read enemies) of Washington (read President Bush and himself) helping the enemy. Hmm, interesting thought there. Who created the enemy in the first place? Sure, Al Qaeda is the enemy for its attack in New York, but there are now many more because of Herr Rumsfeld (and I use that analogy since national security advisor Condoleezza Rice brought up the Iraq/Germany comparison) and his bull-in-a-china-shop approach to things.

Just give it up, Rummy. You're wrong, Bush is wrong, Rice is wrong, Karl Rove is wrong, and doubling the lie and sinking us into the most incredible, lame-brained debt doesn't make you right. I can't wait, as a free-willed Republican, to vote against you and your ilk.

Roger Askin

Los Angeles


Re "Senators Want Answers," Sept. 10: Once again, Bush goes to Congress to request more funds for "rebuilding" Iraq. The obscenity is, he will get the $87 billion, and few in Congress want to debate whether it's really in the best interest of the United States to continue to throw good money after bad. When does this stop? At what point are we Americans willing to walk away from failed policies? How many more American lives are we willing to sacrifice on the field, and how many more billions are we willing to spend?

This will not be the last we hear from this administration. Bush will go back to Congress in a few more months and request more billions for the military and less for the Iraqi people who really need our assistance.

And in this week where we once again pause in memory of the events of 9/11, the lives lost in the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center have not been honored by our invasion and destruction of Iraq.

Kathryn Louyse



I would be willing to give the $87 billion to the Pentagon, provided an equal amount is taken out of the Bush tax cuts. If we must pay for this mess, at least let's be the ones to do it, not our grandchildren and our grandchildren's children and grandchildren.

Carol Marshall

Yorba Linda


Bush has made an additional large request for funding his Iraq adventure, and the total for this year now comes to about $166 billion. There is a good way to bring this number into focus: There are about 100 million families in the United States, so Bush wants $1,660 from each family. When you see a government billion, think of $10 from each family and see whether you still want to pay, or whether you are outraged. (I am.)

Roy Williams


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