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Saving Water: We Have a Lawn, Lawn Way to Go

September 13, 2003

Re "Water Conservationists Step on the Grass," Sept. 6: With the prospect of another water shortage, isn't it about time to consider using "gray water" for landscape irrigation? Gray water is the water from showers, sinks, washers and other nonsewage sources. Water would be routed from showers to a storage tank. Soap and other particles would settle out, and the water would be given a minimum chemical treatment, if necessary. This water would then be pumped out to water lawns and other landscaping.

There are two savings with this plan: a reduced need for incoming water and a savings at the sewage treatment plant. There would be a one-time cost for the additional plumbing, tank and pump. I would much rather see green lawns than the proposed "desert look."

Patrick Morgan

Los Angeles


Grass -- illegal? Haven't we sacrificed enough? I'll give up my hose when they pry it from my cold, wet fingers.

William A. Gregory

Juniper Hills, Calif.

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