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Angels Should Just Mellow Out Over Rex

September 13, 2003

I was shocked at the Angels' decision to suspend Rex Hudler indefinitely, more so than at the news of his arrest in Kansas City. Did anyone in the Angel organization consider that Hudler recently had a near-fatal brain hemorrhage? Or maybe that Hudler uses marijuana to alleviate pain associated with that event? I don't believe so, since the Angels decided to suspend Hudler immediately, apparently with no investigation.

I always thought the Angels were a first-class organization, but after this rash decision to suspend a longtime, cherished Angel employee based upon an apparent mistake of judgment, I am having doubts. As a fan and as someone who has seen all the good Mr. Hudler does for our community, the Angels should give him the benefit of the doubt or, a very least, a chance to explain himself.

David Z. Ribakoff



Arresting people for marijuana possession is a pointless waste of tax dollars and law enforcement resources. But if that's what it takes to remove the profoundly annoying Rex Hudler from the airwaves, then count me in as a supporter of our government's "War on Drugs."

Dan Epstein

Los Angeles


Would I be correct in assuming that Angel management would have kicked Babe Ruth out of the majors in 1920 when they discovered he was roundly violating federal Prohibition laws?

Greg McKay



Rex Hudler was detained at the Kansas City airport because screeners found a small amount of marijuana in his suitcase. It had been my understanding that these random searches of checked luggage were to find explosives and other items that could blow up an airliner.

How was this "stash" a danger to anyone aboard that plane? I don't understand why this innocuous find was allowed to keep the screeners from doing their jobs -- looking for items that posed a real danger to air travel.

Craig Walker


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