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Shaking up unethical movers

September 14, 2003

Regarding "Untangling a Move," Sept. 7: I moved in June from L.A. to Colorado. This was a nightmare. I was charged $6,800 when the estimate was $3,000.

A lot of those companies, including this one, advertise that they belong to the Better Business Bureau, which I complained to. It resulted in a letter to the moving company, but they disregarded the complaint. I am glad somebody is doing something.

Giancarlo Macchiarella

Edwards, Colo.


Being a real estate broker, I have never been asked by a buyer or seller for recommendations for the use of a mover. If they would, however, I would probably tell them to look in the Yellow Pages. I never imagined that such unethical behavior was being performed in the industry.

Thanks for the heads up. Upon closing an escrow, I will mention this article to my buyers and sellers.

Daniel Kostiuk

Sierra Madre

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