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AD WATCH / Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign, Californians for Schwarzenegger, released the fifth television advertisement of his campaign Monday. The 15-second ad will run statewide, but the campaign did not provide details on the size of the buy.

September 16, 2003

Title: Principles

Producer: Don Sipple

The script: Schwarzenegger is pictured in the same cafeteria setting used in his last three television commercials. Addressing what the campaign says are Schwarzenegger volunteers sitting around a lunch table, Schwarzenegger says: "My principles of leadership: progress over politics, bipartisanship always, and the will of the people is paramount. I will do the people's work, and I will take responsibility and be accountable to you."

Accuracy: Schwarzenegger is a first-time candidate for public office, and so there is little guidance on how he would govern. His major previous political experience, the campaign for the after-school initiative Proposition 49, had bipartisan support, but in recent weeks Schwarzenegger has campaigned aggressively as a Republican in a bid to consolidate his support on the right. Critics also point out that, for all of Schwarzenegger's populism, his campaign is staffed largely by longtime political insiders.

Analysis: The ad would seem to represent an attempt to move back to the political center after a weekend spent at the California Republican Party convention, where Schwarzenegger emphasized his conservative bona fides. Schwarzenegger's appeals to the right have failed so far to force his more conservative rival, state Sen. Tom McClintock, from the race. The advertisement could indicate that Schwarzenegger plans to adopt a message emphasizing bipartisanship as the election nears.

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