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McClintock Makes Ad Cameo During 'Oprah'

September 16, 2003|From Times Staff Reports

For all the hype and anticipation surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday, one moment seemed a bit, well, off message.

The Tom McClintock campaign chose the program to debut its 60-second TV spot in the L.A. and San Francisco markets.

So while Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, clasped hands and schmoozed with the queen of daytime talk, Republican rival McClintock made a cameo of sorts during the commercial break.

"We must have a governor who knows every inch of this government," the announcer said in the ad, "and who stands willing to challenge the spending lobby that controls it."

McClintock has been running the spot in the Central Valley and San Diego, but had not yet aired it in the bigger markets. The Oprah show felt like the right time, his campaign said.

"Arnold seems to be quite a media star who draws quite a crowd," said John Stoos, McClintock's deputy campaign director.

"So it was a good shot to let people see the ad."


Clinton Urges Lockyer to Stay Young

State Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer handed his 3-month-old son, Diego, to Bill Clinton on Sunday just before the former president urged congregants at First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles to oppose the recall of Gov. Gray Davis.

Clinton held the infant in his arms, swayed, smiled and handed him back to Lockyer. In remarks to the congregation, Clinton teased the 62-year-old attorney general, pointing to Lockyer and saying: "That's his baby he's been up here holding."

Clinton paused for a beat.

"That's one way to keep from getting old," Clinton said to howls of laughter. "You'd better keep fit."


Fake Schwarzenegger Visits Howard Stern

"Arnold Schwarzenegger" spent an hour on the Howard Stern radio program Monday morning, judging a contest in which men competed to win a date with a porn star.

Stern didn't acknowledge it, but this "Arnold" was an impersonator.

The impersonator told porn star Tabitha Stevens, "If I am elected governor, I'll make sure that you do a movie every week."

"Arnold" talked about appearing naked frequently during his career, discussed body hair and made an off-color reference to his 1977 interview with Oui magazine.

The appearance did spark mild confusion and at least one media call to the campaign. The real Schwarzenegger, after all, may appear on Stern's show later this week.

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