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So you say? But listen to this ...

September 16, 2003

George Plimpton caught a three-second glimpse of a California condor? Big deal. One landed in front of my car and chomped on a chipmunk on a reservation.

Henry Rosenfeld

Santa Monica


The voice of your writers is a bit edgier -- more youthful -- than the rest of The Times. Perhaps an occasional article for the senior?

Marianne Wallace



The burning of pallets on the beach, mentioned by Outdoors editor Bob Sipchen, is a bad idea. Nails and staples left behind are impossible to find and remove from sand.

Richard Larson

By e-mail


Who is Bob Sipchen, and how did he get this gig?

Victor Mercado

Hermosa Beach

Outdoors online

From "Just Back" on the Web: Just back from a nine-day trip to the Kaweahs, Kaweah Basin and Chagoopa Plateau in Sequoia National Park. This is about a 50-50 mix of trail and off-trail. The basin in the Sierra is spectacular and remote. The route included Big Arroyo waterslides. Sitings: Alpine lakes, Golden Eagle and boulder fields.

Phil Martz


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