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Recall Postponed Over Punch-Card Machines

September 16, 2003

Regarding the Sept. 15 ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to postpone the recall because some counties still use punch-card voting machines: The 9th Circuit has shown itself for what it is: a circus. It has zero credibility. Those of us who supported the recall worked very hard to collect signatures and follow all the democratic procedures to hold this election. Unlike these left-wing judges who are delaying the recall, we conservatives actually respect the democratic process.

However, as the recall is approaching and the Democrats see that their days are numbered (if the voters were given a free choice), they are now retaining office by force. Once again, just as with Proposition 187, the will of the people is being defeated by a bunch of liberals who have no respect for the rule of law. If this pattern continues, I believe we are on the path for violent revolution.

Miriam Jaffe

Valley Village


Democracy? What democracy? Everybody knows that we have a "courtocracy" in the United States of America.

Wim Scholten

Culver City


Sit tight, governor. The 9th Circuit slowed down the recall. One more speech from Bill Clinton on your behalf ("Clinton Strongly Supports Davis in Address at Church," Sept. 15) and one more "Hasta la Vista" speech from Arnold Schwarzenegger and enough sane voters will wake up, go to the polls and stop this insanity.

Jesse Ramirez

El Segundo


I have lived in California since 1972. I cannot recall ever voting here using anything other than the punch-card system. Nor can I recall any incidents or scandals arising from the use of that system. Now, it is being portrayed as a dysfunctional method that will, according to those seeking to stop the recall, "disenfranchise" thousands of voters, primarily minorities.

Aside from insulting the intelligence of minorities, the anti-punch-card crowd has made up a nonexistent crisis as a ploy to keep Gov. Gray Davis as governor. No one complained when the same system was used in the 2002 governor's election.

Rebecca Mocciaro

Los Angeles


According to The Times, "Fund-raising has become a major issue for California voters" (Sept. 13). If this is true, then a recall to replace one compromised governor with another makes no sense. Until the public and reform groups demand public financing of campaigns to remove all private money contributions, they'd best get used to our broken system of governance.

Richard Baker

Beverly Hills

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