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Ashcroft Goes In for the Overkill

September 17, 2003

Re "Ashcroft's Errant Hammer," editorial, Sept. 13: Ever alert to the evils imperiling our great nation, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's Justice Department has successfully removed 65-year-old Public Enemy No. 1 Tommy Chong from our streets. Chong, who forfeited $100,000 and was fined $20,000, will spend nine months in federal prison for the heinous crime of selling mail-order water pipes.

After subtracting the $30,000 it will cost to incarcerate him, that leaves a net profit of $90,000, presumably to ultimately become part of the $87 billion that "BushCo" wants for its current phase of "Operation Enrich Halliburton." Crime-fighting has never been more profitable. With Ashcroft on the job, could we possibly feel any safer?

Walter Ross

Oceano, Calif.


Congratulations, Mr. Ashcroft. You caught Public Enemy No. 1 Tommy Chong. I would have thought you would have more important things on your plate.

Anita Helprin

Palm Desert

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