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Recalling Some Reasons for Disliking Gov. Davis

September 19, 2003

Re "Question of Fairness," Sept. 14: Bungling California's electricity crisis, spending the state into a $38-billion budget hole and devoting himself more to fund-raising than to governance seem to me ample grounds for at least providing the voters with an opportunity to recall Gov. Gray Davis. If the voters decide that they made a mistake in reelecting Davis in the last election, what's so "undemocratic" about fixing the mistake? Is plain old incompetence a politician's constitutionally protected privilege?

Our priorities are clearly upside down if we are more concerned about "fairness" to public servant Davis than we are about fairness to those he took an oath to serve.

John Fessler

Chino Hills


I voted Republican the last 50 years, except the last presidential election, where the Green Party got the call since I did not want a "store-bought" president. I have never voted for the mendicant cipher inhabiting Sacramento. However, the electorate that does vote seems to have the temper of a 3-year-old deprived of his toy, "Gimme, or I'll recall you" -- not because of a mental defect or sins in office but simply for ineptitude. That is not enough.

If citizens (do they know the word?) get off their obese derrieres and vote, the only intelligent vote is no on recall. We elected him; live with it!

Jack Whitely

Palm Springs


The worst thing about the recall is that it inspired the Legislature and the governor to rush ill-considered legislation into law. Postponing the recall election will mean five more months of Davis selling our government to the highest bidder (either in terms of dollars or perceived voting potential) at breakneck speed. Perhaps the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals should have canceled it altogether rather than drag it out.

David A. Lombardero



I wonder how many people would have seriously considered recalling Davis if Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) had not decided that he wanted to attain the governorship by coup?

Juanita Matassa

Santa Ana


Davis should be impeached, not just recalled, for his recent decision to grant legal driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. As chief executive of the state, it is the governor's duty to enforce the law, not help subvert it. His action makes a joke of the word "illegal," and his blatant pandering for the Latino vote by rewarding 2 million people (with millions more on the way) for their uncontrolled breaching of our borders is beyond contempt.

Dick Brodie

Pacific Palisades


Just curious ... the people want Davis out because he is an avid fund-raiser? Huh? The appointed president has been raising funds since he crossed the threshold of the White House.

Joanne Micon


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