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Missing John Ritter

September 20, 2003

John Ritter, my all-time favorite funnyman, made an indelible mark on physical comedy. He made me laugh and, yes, even cry (obituary, Sept. 13). In "Three's Company," his bumbling antics, pretending to be gay, were always good-natured and never demeaning. But of course they would be good-natured because, according to those who knew him, John was an all-around good guy, as sensitive and kind as "Jack Tripper" himself.

Rest in peace, John. I'm sure the angels were humming, "C'mon, knock on our door. We've been waiting for you," as you made your way up to heaven.

Luis Lazaro



Most of "John Ritter's Death Shocks Fans, Stymies ABC's Hopes" (Sept. 13) discussed the implications for ABC and its profits and ratings. Only a small part was about John. I guess celebrities are also just tools for making money. ... I thought it was just the little people.

John Crandall



Although I have worked on dozens of movie sets, I have never met anyone as genuinely kind and considerate as John Ritter. I recall years ago, while working on location in a Hollywood residential neighborhood on a film called "Skin Deep," we managed to attract a considerable number of tourists, many with cameras in hand. Sensing their reluctance to approach him, he would instead approach them, clown around a little, pose for pictures and leave everybody happy. His energy and warmth were experienced by everyone who came near, and he treated everyone with the same sense of value.

Ritter left an impression that will be with me for my lifetime. He was a unique man with a unique talent, and he will be sadly missed.

Woody McBreairty

West Hollywood


The world is a poorer place with the passing of John Ritter, whose many fans will remember him for his popular TV shows. But few are aware of his deep caring and full involvement in addressing world problems, ranging from world hunger to tropical deforestation, as he shunned media attention for himself in these arenas.

As director of "Africa Tomorrow" and the International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest, on whose boards of advisors John served, I can sadly verify that he will be viscerally missed in this world of ever-growing problems.

Arnold Newman

Sherman Oaks

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