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Weary of Women's Agenda

September 21, 2003

Thanks to feminism, it is now politically correct to exaggerate women's strengths and men's weaknesses ("Ms. Understood," by Anita Chabria, Aug. 31). Ms. magazine is only interested in making life better for females. People have tired of this concept, and that is why the magazine is floundering. All of the editors are female. It looks like the magazine is practicing exactly what feminists have accused corporations of for years: gender discrimination.

Joe Davies



"Feminism" is not a dirty word, but perhaps it's time to change the terminology to effect a change in thinking. Women's rights are never irrelevant. I have watched the girls (yes, girls) who were born into or after the movement become shallow, petulant and regressive, particularly in their relationships with men. Too many women are again seeing themselves through the eyes of men.

The movement has failed to inspire successive generations to continue the fight for equal pay for equal work or to give girls the tools that will lead them to interdependence, not codependency. They don't know the history and have no sense of continuum or urgency. It is slipping away, and no magazine in a field of hundreds of glossy covers will reignite the passion. The movement must regroup and again speak out with a louder, persistent drum.

Stephany Yablow

North Hollywood

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