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City Council Approves Limits on Strip Clubs

September 21, 2003

In "New Curbs on Strip Club OKd" (Sept. 17), Steve Afriat, a lobbyist who represents many of the Los Angeles club owners, stated, "Basically, the council is bowing to the morality agenda of certain homeowners." Certain homeowners? Is that a threat or scapegoating? Or is Afriat simply telling us that we should bow to his morality? The City Council passed an ordinance to regulate the adult entertainment business 13 to zip. Those council members represent thousands of constituents: voters.

The many homeowners and residents associations also represent thousands of voters. But Afriat lobbies for a singular, certain, tough and powerful industry. Give me a break, a "certain break."

Roy P. Brown

Los Angeles


At last! A new regulation that prevents direct payment, requires six feet of separation and ensures that all interaction takes place in a public area. Surely this will be a powerful tool against lowlifes trying to prostitute themselves. Sadly, it's aimed at dancers rather than politicians and lobbyists.

Mark Gilmore


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