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Another moving tale of horror

September 21, 2003

Regarding "Untangling a Move," Sept. 7: I moved from New York to Los Angeles last year and used a firm I found on the Internet. I just took the insurance that they provided and no further insurance.

They underestimated and overcharged -- when they finally came to move -- the difference being $4,000. They did not have their own trucks, and a rent-a-truck picked up my stuff, which went to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Las Vegas and finally arrived in Los Angeles one month later broken, destroyed and wet.

I took pictures of all my furniture and wrote to them. They sent me a claim form, which I filled out and sent back. In the claim form, it said that they would reimburse me 60 cents a pound for the actual weight of the damaged part and not the whole item itself. For example, the leg of my dining table broke, and the whole table was useless. But they would only reimburse me for the leg. It was the same for all the broken items.

I called them saying that they had not mentioned this at the beginning, but it was of no help.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau, and they intervened but to no avail. So I accepted the $300 I was offered for my $2,500 worth of damages and closed the case.

Something has to be done and some regulation made where movers can be held more responsible.

Arinder Chadha

Yorba Linda

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