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Activists Remove Ducks Destined for Foie Gras

September 22, 2003

Re "Activists Take Ducks From Foie Gras Shed," Sept. 18: Bryan Pease and his band are to be congratulated for their compassion, savvy and moral intelligence (as compared to the SUV fire bombers, who set out to destroy property). Animals are not people, but they are more like us than they are like turnips. They feel pain, emotional distress, affection -- and they bond with other animals and with humans.

Gandhi said that a society can be judged by the way its people treat their animals. Better to learn to like tofu, or grow soybeans, than to participate in a system that is based on cruelty.

Debbie Frieden

Pacific Palisades


Your story was fascinating. I imagine the reporter's spine was tingling from all that intrigue as he (apparently) accompanied the clandestine raid at the farmhouse. Whether California laws were upheld or broken will be a matter for the courts to decide and redecide in the coming months and years -- animal rights versus long-standing property laws. But I can well imagine the near future.

Can it be too far off when overweight children, say, are whisked away from their parents and delivered into the hands of a pediatrician and social worker? Imagine the scene as courageous men and women in full camo and sporting night-vision glasses wade past candy wrappers, pizza boxes and snack cakes to hustle a couple of obese 12-year-olds to safety.

To the "activists," I say: Your agenda is not my agenda. Stop trying to force-feed it down my throat, because that's just Daffy.

Bradley Wolff

Palm Springs

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