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NFL Spotlight

Two-minute Drill

September 22, 2003|Houston Mitchell

Tampa Bay 31, Atlanta 10: Warren Sapp auditions for role of "Gene, Gene, the Dancing Machine," in sequel to "The Gong Show Movie."

Pittsburgh 17, Cincinnati 10: Who will get NFL team first, L.A. or Cincinnati?

Minnesota 23, Detroit 13: Culpepper says injury made him look "like Fred Sanford." Luckily, backup Frerotte didn't play like Aunt Esther.

Indianapolis 23, Jacksonville 13: Reggie Wayne compares himself to Reggie Miller. Neither has won a title.

New England 23, N.Y. Jets 16: Jet fans already looking to next season. And they say Dodger fans are fickle?

Kansas City 42, Houston 14: David Carr's playing streak is over. Let's look back at his great moments.

Tennessee 27, New Orleans 12: I guess we won't be seeing too many "Deuce Runs Wild" headlines today.

Arizona 20, Green Bay 13: Those wacky Packer fans: It was so hot in Tempe, they put their shirts on.

Seattle 24, St. Louis 23: Alexander uses the old "Honey, I'd like to change the diaper, but I have an NFL game to play in" dodge.

N.Y. Giants 24, Washington 21 (OT): Confused Spurrier still hoping for favorable BCS ranking.

Balt. 24, S.D. 10: Charger defense visits Wild Animal Park's "Butterfly Encounter." Butterflies score twice.

Cleveland 13, S.F. 12: Here's a shock: Terrell Owens complains about not getting the ball enough.

Miami 17, Buffalo 7: No one seems to be complaining about Junior Seau now.

Oakland at Denver, tonight, 6 p.m.: There's nothing like listening to Madden impartially call a Raider game.

Open date: Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Carolina.


-- Houston Mitchell

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