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September 23, 2003

These contributions were reported by major candidates on the recall ballot who have received at least $100,000 for their gubernatorial campaigns. Totals are for all contributions through Aug. 23 and for contributions of $1,000 or more through Monday. Donations of $1,000 or more must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Candidates may, but are not required to, report contributions on weekends.

* Cacique Inc., a Southern California manufacturer of Hispanic gourmet foods, contributed $21,200*, while another arm of the company made an identical donation. Three lawyers from Corpus Christi, Texas, each gave $21,200. A political fund of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, strong supporters of Gov. Gray Davis in his previous campaign, gave $21,200.

*--* Contributions Candidate or committee Total reported Reported from Saturday through Monday Cruz Bustamante $3,275,733 $410,000 638 contributions 86 contributions


Bustamante controls three other committees:

Californians for Stability is an anti-recall fund that has raised $425,000. The Cruz Bustamante Committee Against Prop. 54 has collected more than $4.5 million, most of it transferred from the Lt. Gov. Bustamante 2002 Committee, an old relection campaign fund. That committee reported raising more than $900,000, excluding the transfers.

*--* Arianna Huffington $599,552 $6,500 2,319 contributions 4 contributions


* Mark Rosenthal, president of MTV Networks, gave $1,000. Jack Myers, New York publisher of a daily report on the entertainment industry, contributed $2,000.

*--* Tom McClintock $966,412 $30,000 1,252 contributions 9 contributions


* Claudia Holman, who described herself as a "housewife with seven kids" and who admired the candidate's anti-abortion stance, gave an unsolicited $21,000 contribution. Emma McCrary, owner of Big Creek lumber company in Davenport, Calif., contributed $1,000.

*--* Arnold $11,806,858 $3,034,600 Schwarzenegger 1,236 contributions 95 contributions


* H.F. Boeckmann, owner of Galpin Motors, was one of five auto retailers to give $21,200. Dean Spanos, president of the San Diego Chargers, and his wife, each contributed $21,200. The Spanos family has given a total of $127,200 to Schwarzenegger's campaign.

Schwarzenegger also controls Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall, a pro-recall committee, which has raised more than $1 million.

* The New Majority, a group of Orange County Republicans, contributed $78,800. Timothy Draper, a venture capitalist, gave $10,000. Paul Folino, chief executive of the technology company Emulex, also contributed $10,000. Folino previously gave $100,000 to the pro-recall fund. All three contributors have previously given $21,200 to Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial campaign committee.

*--* Davis Fights the Recall Californians Against $7,739,369 $774,674 the Costly Recall 463 contributions 57 contributions of the Governor


Gov. Gray Davis controls this anti-recall committee.

* The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees contributed $250,000. The union has donated at least $717,667 to support Davis. Ronald Tutor, head of Sylmar-based Tutor-Saliba Corp., one of the state's largest construction companies, gave $100,000. Los Angeles trial lawyer Norris J. Bishton, Jr. provided $25,000. And Christopher Albrecht, chief executive of Home Box Office, contributed $10,000.

Davis also continues to raise money through his former reelection committee, the Gov. Gray Davis Committee, which has transferred more than $1.4 million to Californians Against the Costly Recall. Excluding the transfers, the fund has reported more than $360,000 in contributions.

A third committee, Taxpayers Against the Governor's Recall, has reported more than $2.7 million in contributions.

*Contributions to candidates from each outside source are limited to $21,200. There is no cap on the amount candidates can give their own campaigns, or on donations to noncandidacy committees.

Reported by Times staff writers Joel Rubin and Jeffrey L. Rabin and Times researcher Maloy Moore

Source: Campaign reports filed with the California secretary of state

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