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Web Bookings Click With Businesses

More companies are using the Internet to make travel plans, seeking the same discounts as those found in the leisure market.

September 23, 2003|Jerry Hirsch | Times Staff Writer

4. Take your cell phone. Use those extra or unlimited minutes, especially if you are traveling within your local calling region or have a nationwide service contract.

5. Walk instead of taking a cab. This works great if you are staying in a city center where everything is close by. It also will help you work off those restaurant and expense account meals.

6. Check if your company has negotiated discounted rates with airlines, hotels and car rental agencies.

7. If you are renting a car, get directions to the gas station nearest the rental agency. This will make you more likely to use it when you return, so you avoid paying rental agencies' high gasoline prices.

8. Know the cancellation policies on your airline tickets, hotel and car rentals. Many of the lowest rates are nonrefundable or require change fees. But policies often are revised. Many airlines will let you apply the cost of an unused ticket to the purchase of a new ticket within a year, as long as you canceled your reservation before departure.

9. Use the concierge. In an unfamiliar city, the concierge will be your best ally for everything from directions for local transportation to guidance on smart restaurant choices.

10. Don't buy anything at the airport that you can get ahead of time. Whether buying gasoline or snacks or magazines and books, you'll find it cheaper elsewhere.

-- Jerry Hirsch

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