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Write-in candidates

September 25, 2003|Times staff writer Allison Hoffman

Election officials Wednesday released the names of 25 people who qualified to be write-in candidates in the recall election.

To be a write-in candidate, a person must collect 65 signatures, be a U.S. citizen and be eligible to vote. There is no filing fee. The names of all certified write-ins will be posted at polling places.

The write-in candidates are:


* Donnie Adlen, Democrat, Marina del Rey

* Thomas "Tom" Benigno, nonpartisan, Escalon

* Harry William Braun, Democrat, Pacific Beach

* R. Charlie Chadwick, nonpartisan, Fair Oaks

* Shirley Coly, nonpartisan, Monterey

* Pauline Cooper, Democrat, Los Angeles

* Jane H. Dawson, Democrat, Los Angeles

* Jason Alan Gastrich, Republican, San Diego

* Robert D. Gibb, Democrat, Santa Ana

* Yancey Hawkins, nonpartisan, Inglewood

* Charles J. Hennegan, Republican, San Diego

* Jacques-Andre Istel, Republican, Felicity

* Monty Manibog, Democrat, Los Angeles

* Christian F. Meister, Democrat, Fullerton

* Vincent Pallaver, nonpartisan, San Jose

* Lincoln Pickard, Democrat, San Diego

* Mathilda Karel Spak, nonpartisan, Long Beach

* Ronald W. Spangler, nonpartisan, San Diego

* Bill Thill, Democrat, Sherman Oaks

* Lynda L. Toth, Democrat, Los Angeles

* Jim "Poorman" Trenton, Republican, Newport Beach

* Paul Walton, nonpartisan, San Diego

* Donald P. Wang, Republican, Oakland

* Wignes K. Warren, Democrat, West Covina

* Jurlene Jeanne Kokoa White, Democrat, Campbell

* Joel Wirth, Republican, Newport Beach

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Contributions race

These contributions were reported by major candidates on the Oct. 7 ballot who have received at least $100,000 for their gubernatorial campaigns. Totals are for all contributions through Aug. 23 and for contributions of $1,000 or more through Wednesday. Donations of $1,000 or more must be reported within 24 hours of receipt.

*--* Contributions Candidate Total reported Reported in 24 hours ending Wednesday or committee Cruz $3,475,433 $164,500 Bustamant e 681 contributions 36 contributions

* The Twenty-Ni ne Palms Band of Mission Indians, a small tribe that operates a Coachella casino in partnersh ip with Donald Trump, contribut ed $21,200*. Robert Abernethy , president of Self-Stor age Managemen t Co. and a past contribut or to Gov. Gray Davis, gave the same amount. The San Francisco Laborer's Union, Local 261, also gave $21,200. And the Californi a Assn. of Psychiatr ic Technicia ns made a $15,000 contribut ion.

Bustamant e controls three other committee s: Californi ans for Stability is an anti-reca ll fund that has raised $425,044. The Cruz Bustamant e Committee Against Prop. 54 has collected more than $4.5 million, most of it transferr ed from the Lt. Gov. Bustamant e 2002 Committee , an old reelectio n campaign fund. That committee reported raising more than $900,000, excluding the transfers .

Arianna $630,552 $28,500 Huffingto n 2,332 contributions 12 contributions

* Robert Kotick, an executive at Activisio n Productio ns, contribut ed $5,000. Judith McGrath, a New York broadcast ing executive at MTV Networks, gave $2,000, and Carolyn Strauss, a Los Angeles executive at Home Box Office, gave $1,000.

Tom $985,412 $4,000 McClintoc k 1,262 contributions 4 contributions

Arnold $12,304,471 $212,740 Schwarzen 1,359 contributions 58 contributions egger

* The Automotiv e Group, a Vista, Calif., car dealershi p, contribut ed $21,200. Two other car dealers gave a total of $7,000. A Beverly Hills real estate company, Hilton and Highland, gave $15,200. Wawona Frozen Foods, which sells frozen fruit to Californi a retailers and schools, gave $10,000. Dea Spanos Berberian , daughter of real estate mogul Alex Spanos, made a $9,500 contribut ion. The Spanos family has contribut ed a total of $136,700 to the campaign.

Schwarzen egger also controls Arnold Schwarzen egger's Total Recall, a pro-recal l committee , which has raised more than $1.3 million. Davis Fights the Recall Californi $8,503,949 $120,500 ans Against the 488 contributions 25 contributions Costly Recall of the Governor Gov. Gray Davis controls this anti-reca ll committee . * Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, which operates a casino in Indio, contribut ed $75,000. Real estate developer Goldrich & Kest Industrie s, gave $50,000. The Twenty-Ni ne Palms Indians gave $25,000. The Operating Engineers , Local 3, an Alameda union, gave $25,000. Davis also continues to raise money through his former reelectio n committee , the Gov. Gray Davis Committee , which has transferr ed more than $1 million to Californi ans Against the Costly Recall. Excluding transfers , the fund has reported raising an additiona l $360,000. A third committee , Taxpayers Against the Governor' s Recall, has reported more than $2.4 million in contribut ions.


*Contributions to candidates from each outside source are limited to $21,200. There is no cap on the amount candidates can give their own campaigns, or on donations to noncandidacy committees.


Reported by Times staff writer Joel Rubin and Times researcher Maloy Moore

Source: Campaign reports filed with the California secretary of state

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