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Detailing a Strategy for Getting Out of Iraq

September 25, 2003

The Democrats are asking for an itemized bill and an exit strategy before we can spend the necessary money to continue to prosecute the war against terror in Iraq. While we are counting the pennies, I would like to see an itemized bill and an exit strategy before we spend another cent on the failed 40-year war on poverty.

How about an itemized bill and an exit strategy for the failed war on drugs? We can also use an itemized bill and an exit strategy to get the federal Department of Education out of our failing schools.

James Barron



Now is the time to pull out of Iraq. The Iraqis had a taste of self-rule and democracy. We know from our own experience how contagious that can be. But, just as we did, they should be permitted to thrash it out by themselves. Be assured, Iraq will never again be what it was before we interceded. Continued occupation will only further embarrass and humiliate us in the eyes of the world. By getting out now we can cut our losses and strengthen those free Iraqi people.

If the United Nations decides to take a role in the rebuilding of that nation, all the better. We can be self-righteous and sit back while watching others stub their toes.

Bernard Lehrer


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